Parent-Child Communication

Conversation Starters

In general, start questions with "how", "what", "where", 'why", "when"

What's the best thing that happened today?

What's the worst thing that happened today?

How was your teacher today?

How was recess?

What games did you play?

Who did you sit with at lunch?

What did you eat for lunch?

What made you mad today?

What made you smile today?

What made you excited today?

How was your schoolwork today?

What was challenging to you today?

What was interesting to you today?

What did you bring home to show me today?

What kind of projects are you working on in school?

If you could change one thing about school what would it be?

It is difficult to change the closed-end question habit.  But if we ask open-end questions we will find out much more about our child and we find out how they think and feel.

Enjoy chatting!