Coaching Application

Pavilion Central School currently has openings for the below coaching positions:

Pavilion Central School District

Vacancies for 2019-2020

·        Varsity Tennis Coach

·        Modified Tennis Coach


                                                Application Process:   To apply go to:

Pavilion CSD website complete and submit PCS

Coaching application form link above: Mail three (3) references or

Email to

Pavilion Central School

Attn: District Office

7014 Big Tree Road

Pavilion, NY 14525

Application Deadline: January 3, 2020

In order to be appointed as a coach of any level (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modified) or as a Volunteer/Unpaid Coach in the Pavilion Central School District, applicants need to meet the required guidelines set forth by the State of New York's Education Department. The coaching guidelines can be found by clicking on the link: NYS Coaching Guidelines. If you have any questions about the coaching guidelines, please contact Jim Sattora, Pavilion's Athletic Director.
Interested coaching applications who meet the guidelines can apply by contacting Mr. Sattora at the e-mail address below to request an application. Completed coaching applications can be returned to:



Mail: Pavilion Central Schools
          Attn: Jim Sattora
          7014 Big Tree Rd.
          Pavilion, NY 14525

Please contact our Athletic Director for Pavilion Coaching Application